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Southampton-based commercial insurance broker in business for nearly 30 years, offering tailored insurance solutions to a range of businesses.


As an independent business insurance broker, our wide-ranging market view gives us access to hundreds of policies from the UK’s leading insurers. This means our clients – ranging from independent traders to large companies – get high-quality cover at competitive prices.

What We Do

We look after our clients throughout the term of their policy, maintaining regular contact to stay up to date with their needs, and offering professional assistance with claims handling. Investment in technology gives our clients access to instant online business insurance quotes when appropriate and when time is of the essence, but our commitment to good old-fashioned customer service means that when you need personalised advice, we’ll take the time to provide it.

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Our Success


Years experience

Our expertise in great service

Treating customers fairly

The perfect insurance for your business, whatever the size.

Our approach to commercial insurance puts the client at the heart of things, to make sure their policy fits their business and not the other way around. We are a “can do” organisation – the answer is “yes – what is the question?”

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