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Supporting brokers to achieve their ambitions

“The JMG Group delivered everything they promised – and more. There’s not one thing I would change, and I couldn’t be happier.” John Lacey, Butterworth Spengler

Investing in great people and businesses sits at the heart of our success. We’re on an exciting journey and we’re actively looking for brokers who would like to be part of it.

What’s it like to join the JMG Group?

Read the stories of businesses who have become part of our success story.

John Lacey, Butterworth Spengler

Richard Nowell, Nowell & Richards

George Stubbs, GS Group

Ian Mahony, Astute Insurance Solutions

Andrew Brown, BJP Insurance Brokers

”It’s absolutely critical that you find the right team to work with who will deliver on everything they say. What I will say with total honesty is that JMG has delivered on every single point of the deal. That has confirmed I made the right decision.”

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”I know people who have sold businesses and suddenly everything changes. With JMG, everything has progressed in line with the plan we put in place from day one with no surprises, I’m pleased to say.”

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”The JMG merger & acquisition team were great, the big thing for us was they had a very good connection with the financial team we were already using. Surround yourself with good people throughout the process and it’ll make things a lot easier.”

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”Having met with JMG we realised they were the right team for us to work with. Their business operates in a very similar way to ours and their values concur; they’re just a great team to work with who were able to take us to the next level.”

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”Not having done this before we didn’t know what to expect and the JMG M&A team helped us get through the process. I would recommend being prepared for how hard it is to go through the process, but at the end of the day it is worth it when you end up working with great people.”

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Meet the JMG Group deal team

Our team is here to help make the sale process as smooth as possible. Meet them here and find out more about what you can expect.

Nick Houghton: What we’re looking for

Tim Philip: What makes an acquisition go smoothly

Callum Masterson: What is due diligence?

Neil Forrest: What happens once the deal is done?

Cheryl Astley: The benefits of joining JMG

Claire Ellis: The benefits of joining JMG

Jake Fox: The benefits of joining JMG

Duncan Firman: A legal perspective to selling your business to JMG

Video diary

The video diaries of selling my business to JMG Group – by Andy Weir, Managing Director Greenwood Moreland Group.

A word from our CEO, Nick Houghton: “When Andy contacted me to talk about his plans for the business, I was delighted we could support them and back their MBO. In what was quite a complex deal we structured something that worked for everyone and ran the process (offer to completion) in a little over four months. Andy’s video diaries give a great insight into what it’s like to go through a sale process – the highs and lows of it, lessons learned and, critically, what life is like nine months on…working with us all at JMG Group. If you’d like a conversation with me, please do get in touch at nick.houghton@jmg-group.co.uk.”

Initial chat to formal offer (00:03:27)

Exclusivity & diligence begins (00:02:51)

Structures and telling key people (00:03:17)

Final push to completion (00:01:55)

New chapter, new colleagues (00:01:25)

Nine months on (00:03:39)

If you’re a broker interested in selling your business, we’d love to talk to you. Contact Nick Houghton to arrange a coffee and a chat.

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