Meet the team: Mark Browne


Mark Browne, JM Glendinning South Yorkshire Managing Director

How did your career in insurance begin?
Like most, I fell into my first role in broking 33 years ago straight from college. I wanted to have a client-facing role and called around the traditional routes – banks, accountants etc – without finding anything that inspired me. I made a call to a central-based Huddersfield insurance broker which offered me a trainee personal lines clerk role the same day and that’s where my career in broking began.

And how did it continue?
I thoroughly enjoyed meeting clients and the sales side of my first role and I was ambitious. I set my sights on becoming an account executive by the time I was 25. I then moved to Marsh and subsequently Willis which gave me a solid grounding but didn’t give the opportunity to develop as I had hoped. I then joined Wilkinson Rodgers back in Huddersfield and by 24 became an account executive.

After 10 years there I moved to Rockford Insurance Brokers to set up its office in Huddersfield. As Group Sales Director I grew the team to 12 staff and the business was turning over £4m in premium income from a standing start.

What brought you to JM Glendinning?
I met with the then JM Glendinning MD, Paul Glendinning, in 2009, who was looking to set up the company’s first satellite office in South Yorkshire. The time was right, the company’s values were aligned with mine and I was ready for another challenge.

What do you enjoy about your role?
It’s incredibly rewarding to see the business flourish and to lead a team which wants to thrive. I also enjoy winning new business and ensuring that all clients are given the best service so that they then feel confident to recommend us to their contacts.

What’s the secret to your success?
I’m a firm believer that the more energy you put into things the more you get out, and never give up the fight to achieve the outcome you require to win business. And “service, service, service” – it’s key to a successful broker business. Look after your clients well, especially in their time of need, and they won’t forget you.

What advice would you give to someone starting their career in the industry?
Be prepared to give it 100%, continue to learn every day, don’t be phased by challenges and there will be lots of opportunities out there for you to develop in whichever direction you so wish.

What’s next for JM Glendinning in South Yorkshire?
We are of a strength now that will enable us to build on our growth, invest in our brilliant team, attract new talent and continue to work hard to ensure our clients always receive the best service and advice.

What Jake Fox, Group Managing Director, JM Glendinning, says:
“Mark is one of our most long-standing Managing Directors and has built a business that has got a real focus on client service and always putting clients first. From that he has built a strong and experienced team and the South Yorkshire business is a great success because of his approach and vision. I’m sure that anyone who has met Mark would agree that he genuinely cares about clients and wants to do a great job for them.”