Meet the team: Tim Philip


Tim Philip, Group M&A Director

How did your career in insurance begin?

I joined PwC (was Coopers & Lybrand) in Australia in 1985 and found myself auditing insurance companies most of my time. It just continued from there.

What brought you to JM Glendinning?

I worked with Nick Houghton at Towergate when he was running Broker Network and we always got on well. We both left in 2012 and stayed in touch and discussed doing something together in the future. When the potential to support Nick in an MBO arose last year the timing was perfect and staying on as M&A director was a natural outcome.

What do you enjoy about your role?

It’s fast paced and always changing. When you are building a group quickly there is a huge amount of activity and excitement and it’s great fun to be able to work with the people in companies you want to buy, helping them to get a deal done.

What’s the secret to your success?

Just keep going.

What advice would you give to someone starting their career?

Think and ask questions. None of us know everything – most of us know very little. Being inquisitive and seeking the input of others, especially when they disagree with you, helps you to keep learning and moving forward.

What’s next for JMG?

It’s a very exciting time. I’m working with a team I admire as they have achieved great things over many years. I think JMG can continue to grow and succeed, including doing more acquisitions, and I’m very happy to help the business do that.

What CEO, Nick Houghton, says:

Tim has an almost unique perspective and track record when it comes to buying insurance brokers.  He’s worked alongside some of the best consolidators in the market and seen first-hand what works well, as well as things to avoid. I’m delighted and privileged that Tim chose to come and join the team. His appointment marks a significant step change for our business and he will certainly help us achieve our ambitious growth plans. His Yorkshire accent could do with some polishing however!