Meet the team: Callum Masterson


Callum Masterson, JMG Group Corporate Finance Manager


How did your career in corporate finance begin?

I did my accountancy training and qualified at BDO in Birmingham, having previously studied
Economics at Birmingham University. After qualifying, I moved into Corporate Finance in London,
working in advisory on refinancing and M&A transactions.

And how did it continue?

I worked in the London team for four years in an advisory capacity, supporting businesses through
transactions and specialising in advising Private Equity backed companies on raising debt finance –
which is how I first became involved with the JMG Group.

What brought you to JMG Group?

Having advised the JMG Group, I got to experience first-hand how impressive the senior team is and
how strong its business proposition is. It was clear that they were at the start of a very exciting
period of growth and I wanted to be part of the team to contribute to building something

What do you enjoy about your role?

I really enjoy being able to directly contribute towards growth and the evolution of the business –
which is different to my time in advisory. When I joined I was told I would never be bored and that
has proven to be absolutely true. Each day offers a different challenge which gives me the
opportunity to problem solve and think creatively – be it how to structure a certain deal or how to
best integrate our acquired businesses.

What’s the secret to your success?

My focus is to make sure that I am continuing to challenge myself and keep pushing to develop,
learn new skills and take on more responsibility.

What advice would you give to someone starting their career?

Listen and learn as much as possible from people who excel in what they do. Don’t be afraid to ask
questions, soak up that knowledge and challenge yourself.

What next for JMG?

It’s an exciting time for the Group as we are very much in growth mode and there is no shortage of
quality independent brokers who are currently looking to sell. We will be making sure we continue
to make good investment decisions and that our acquired businesses are properly integrated. This
helps to maximise the Group’s potential when combined with the great work the rest of the team
are doing in driving market-leading organic growth.

What CFO and M&A Director, Tim Philip, says:

“We have been very lucky to have Callum join us, particularly as he has previously been part of the
adviser team assisting us. We knew what to expect and he has certainly been a great addition to the
team, learning very quickly but at the same time letting us learn from his expertise. I have no doubt
Callum will continue to challenge us and develop his career in acquisitions and wider areas. I’m
delighted Callum joined the team.”